Those parishioners that provide the ministry of hospitality at masses. Our ushers accomplish their work at weekend and Holy Days of Obligation masses.

Members: ushers can be children over the age of ten, teenagers, women and men capable of performing light physical duties.

Duties: greet parishioners as they enter for mass, answer questions for our guests, provide assistance with seating, help the disabled, point out to ministers of holy communion those that cannot walk, reserve seating for special occasions like baptisms, ensure that congregants are chosen for the offertory gifts, communicate with parents about back viewing area when a child may be disrubtive, complete collections, delivery of funds to counting staff, release the congreation in an orderly fashion for communion, distribution of the bulletin, maintain food bags at Thanksgiving and Christmas, clean up all pews, perform any quick cleaning duties if needed in restrooms and floors, maintain lost and found, call 911 if needed or assist with medical emergenices, lock the doors and windows of all facilities after the last mass, perform counts of mass attendance at certain times of the year, maintain the usher room.

Being a member of the Ushering Ministry is personally fulfilling. If you are a reliable, caring, conscientious person this ministry is for you. Call the parish office for more information or talk to an usher before or after mass, we will be very pleased to welcome you.