Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest during the mass. White clergy albs are worn during the mass that help show a graceful appearance. This is a great way to start serving God and our parish at an early age. New altar servers are trained and then paired with an experienced server until they are comfortable with their duties.

Members: Young school children either boys or girls can begin serving once they reach fourth grade. They can maintain serving through high school and as adults.

Duties: Before mass light the candles, make sure offertory gifts are at center table of church before mass starts, partake in procession at the beginning of mass, hold book for priest for prayer at beginning and end of mass, hold candles around pulpit during reading, assist with gifts at offertory, present the water and wine, wash the priest's fingers, ring bells at the consecration, walk out with priest during closing song, clean up after mass.

Contact: Terri Gailer at 419-367-2934.