Liturgical Music

Music is very important in the life of the worshiping community. It draws the assembly more fully into the celebrations each week. The addition of our Mixed Choir and Adult Chimers also adds greatly to the prayers of the Liturgy. The opportunities to become involved in our parish Music Ministry are varied. If you have an interest in joining any of these ensembles, please contact our Parish Music Director James Riedy either by phone or email.

The Mixed Choir

Members of our Mixed Choir range in age from Teenagers to Octagenarians. We sing a variety of styles of music, all of which enhance the spoken word we hear each week. Rehearsals run on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:45 PM September to June and we sing the 9:00 AM Mass starting in late September.

The Adult Chimers

Members of our Adult Chimers rehearse faithfully on Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 and add their uplifting sounds of the Handchimes Monthly at the 9:00 Mass, the major feasts of Christmas and Easter, as well as Thanksgiving and other special occasions throughout the year.

The Cantors

These individual singers are trained to lead the Assembly in the singing of the Responsorial Psalms, Gospel Acclamations, and other Litanies and Songs that require an individual singer.

Funeral Choir

A very dedicated group of singers offer their talent to help with the singing at the numerous Funerals throughout the year. Their uplifting voices are an emotional support to and appreciated by the family members of the deceased. Many times they are notified no more than two days in advance and are there with their musical support.