Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Ministers of Holy Communion (EMC) that assist the deacon and priest in distribution of Body and Blood of Christ during mass.The priest, and deacon if present, will receive Communion first. After the priest receives Communion, the EMCs come up and receive Communion. They form a line a line on the behind the priest on the altar. The priest will give Communion, then a bowl or cup to each EMC.

Members: men or women of the parish community who are full members in the church and feel so inclined to serve in this precious role.

Duties: includes noting parishioners with limited mobility at mass and going to them to distribute. In addition, EMC serve the sick or dying offsite. Each parish will use a distribution method that serves the layout of the church. At St. Catherine four members will go to the back of the church. The people in the back half of church go back where EMC are staged, the front half of parishioners goes foward. Eight Ministers are required at each mass. Contact the parish office for more information to learn how to become a member of this group.