Annunciation Radio


Like most good free tangible things in life, they spring from need, tragedy or prayer. Annunciation Radio is one such example. Deacon Mike Learned after loosing a loved one prayed for direction from God. Reaching a time changing moment in his life he recognized his future. He had the skills and saw the need in our community. From these humble beginning Annunciation Radio was born. With his wife Kris at his side they have overcome many hurdles and brought the Catholic message to Northwest Ohio.

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Annunciation Radio is a Catholic media apostolate. In response to God’s call, our mission is to proclaim the truth in love. Our goals are to evangelize, educate, and encourage God’s people through the use of broadcast and other media.

1. To equip faith-filled Catholics with the tools they need to live and share their Faith and to draw our youth into wholeheartedly embracing the Faith

2. To draw inactive Catholics back to the Church and to bring others into the Catholic faith

3. To connect the Catholics of Northwest and North Central Ohio with each other and with the Bishop of the Toledo Diocese. We follow the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and are in full communion with our Holy Father Pope Francis.


Yearly spring and fall Sharatons take place. Your support is needed and very much appreciated. You can visit the main website and donate directly. Your contributions are solely what keeps the radio station financially sound.

More Information

Did you know you can listen live from your computer? For more information, use the additional links in the Links tab to view the main Annunication Radio main website or facebook site. Annunciation Radio frequencies are: WNOC 89.7 FM Bowling Green-Toledo; WHRQ 88.1 FM Sandusky; WFOT 89.5 FM in Lexington-Mansfield; and WSHB 90.9 in Willard. We are Catholic Radio for Northwest and North Central Ohio, affiliated with the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network and Ave Maria Radio.