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Christian Service

Feed Your Neighbor: a city-wide program in which St. Catherine of Siena participates. This is an emergency food service. Those in need of food who live within parish boundaries may call the Parish Office and they will be directed to the nearest distribution center. 

Funeral Lunch Program: groups of men and woman that devote their time to cook and prepare luncheon after funerals. Contact Rita Mack at 419-478-7601 or Connie Moore at 419-478-1153 to discuss joining one of the luncheon teams.

Church Operations and Cleaning: parishioners that take care of all those church tasks like cleaning, decorations, watering plants, changing banners or arranging flowers. Call Marlene Gailer 419-476-2512 or Eileen Johnson 419-478-2620. For cleaning of the mass books every six months contact Pat Taylor 419-478-8340.  

Community Concerns: a group of parishioners that collect food and other goods and then donate to needy families. Contact Mary Jo Foremen at 419-476-9021 or

St. Vincent de Paul Society: this group provides people within St. Catherine of Siena boundaries with food, clothing, used furniture and limited help with utilities, rent, prescriptions and medical equipment. Contact the parish office and then a member of the S.V.D.P Society will reach out in response. 

St. Louis Helping Hands: lunch team that helps serve food at St. Louis Helping Hands every 6 weeks. Contact Rita at 419-478-7601 or Noreen at 419-475-3089. 

St. Catherine’s Health Ministry Program: Volunteers who join together for the betterment of the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of its’ parish and community. They offer blood pressure checks after some Sunday masses. Contact Teri Andrews at 419-726-0557.

R.E.P. Religious Education Program and Teacher Ministry: for public school children in grades 1-6. Classes will begin in early September and are held on Sunday mornings from 9:00am until 10:45am at St. Clement. Contact Patrice Tscherne (director) at 419-276-6567.

Adult Education: program courses that cover the teaching of the Church. Registration is required. Programs run weeks in length and are usually held at St. Catherine of Siena facilities. For more information contact the parish office or Deacon Mike at 419-389-7091.

Marian Society: women of the parish that hold various activities throughout the year.  Contact Ellen Schnapp 419-478-5933 for more information about joining the Marian Society.

Holy Name: a group of men in the parish that hold fund raising activities and assist with maintenance. Contact Joseph Manner at 419-320-5918 or the parish office for more information about joining Holy Name.

Lectors: a group of dedicated parishioners that perform the readings during mass and announcements at the end of mass. Contact the parish office for more information. Contact Nancy Klever at 419-478-1297 for more information.

Ministers of Holy Communion: men and women that distribute holy communion during mass and in addition take it to the sick or home bound. Contact the parish office for more information.

Altar Servers: children, teenagers and adults that perform the necessary duties needed before, during and after mass. Contact Terri Galore at 419-367-2934.

Ushers: children, teenagers, women and men that assist with collections, communion, distribution of the bulletin and other services at mass times. Contact the parish office for more information.

R.C.I.A. Right of Christian Initiation for Adults, classes begin in September and end at the Easter Vigil. Meetings are held once per week. Contact Teresa Paredes at 419-345-3627 or the parish office for more information.

Grounds Crew: people of all ages that love to help tend to the beautiful flowers and shrubs around the parish. Contact Leo Manion at 419-478-3296 to help or join this team.

Augsburg Lutheran Church: volunteers that assist with the distribution of food at the church Friday mornings.Call Mary Mumma at 419-843-4172. 

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