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From the desk of Fr. Speier 

Dear Parishioners:  

I hope all of you are now enjoying the beginning of the summer season. Time goes by ever so quickly. Even though some of the events of parish life slow down for the summer each of our parishes will still be experiencing much activity through the summer months. 

I would like to bring you up to date on a new part of our funeral ministry that has begun within the last few months. We first started this at St. Clement Parish by having a cross with a name plate engraved that contains the name of the one who has passed, their date of birth and date of death. At St. Clement these crosses are hung on the south wall where the Nativity scene is usually placed. As of this writing we have 24 crosses hanging in place. 

At St. Catherine of Siena Parish, we have just started this program within the last few weeks. The boards with the crosses are hung also on the south wall near the side entrance of the church. You will notice that we have 13 crosses hanging there. We went back to November 2, 2018 and had a cross made for each parishioner that has died since then. 

Many parishes do this so I felt this was a very important custom to start in our communities. Seeing the crosses on the wall reminds us of those who have passed from last November 2. I also hope that all of you will remember them in your prayers as we and their families move forward. 

With aging parishes, such as ours, we have many funerals. Looking at the crosses and thinking about those who have gone before us reminds us of their faith and what they have meant to all of us throughout their lives. Families mourn and so do parishes. I hope these crosses will remind us of their importance to our parishes. 

On November 2, 2019, which falls on a Saturday this year, we will invite all of the families back to the 4:00 pm mass at both parishes for a time to remember their lives. At these masses their names will be read and the families will be asked to come forward and we will give the crosses to the families as a remembrance of their loved one. 

Death is a part of life. The dying of a loved one is never easy. Our prayers for the deceased of our parishes and, hopefully, these crosses will help their families through their time of grief.