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From the desk of Fr. Speier 

Dear Parishioners:  

As we celebrate the Easter season we are reminded of the power of this event. The Resurrection is part of the fiber of our very being. Not only during the Easter season are we reminded of the importance of this experience but each time we celebrate the Mass, baptize an individual, confirm someone or give Holy Communion to an individual we are reminded of the power of the Easter event.

Easter is not just one day. You and I continue to live the Easter event each day of our lives. The danger we all face is limiting Easter to one day a year. Like many events we celebrate Easter has to be lived and experienced each day of our lives. On Easter we remember that day Jesus rose from the dead. This is just the beginning. From the Easter event we continue to meet the Risen Lord each moment we live. 

 When a person is baptized we call to mind the beginning of the life of faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are essential to all of us. The reason we try and celebrate baptisms during mass is to give the community the experience of renewing our faith knowing that the Lord is always with us. We also are reminded that the gifts of the Holy Spirit remain with us always. We may not realize it but the Spirit of the Lord is alive and active in each of our lives. 

 As we witnessed the Confirmation of our eighth graders a few weeks ago we are also reminded that we are all called to live the life of faith each day of our lives. The Spirit is alive in us, not only on Easter. We come together often to celebrate the Eucharist. It is an invitation that the Lord gives to each of us. When we gather we do the same thing the Lord did with His disciples on that first Holy Thursday. It does not change. We may change as we grow in faith but the Eucharist does not change. We continue to see the presence of the Lord each and every time we gather to celebrate this special meal. 

 The Easter event is alive in us each moment we live. Not just on one day but with every breath we take we see the presence of the Risen Lord. We cannot limit the Easter experience to one day. It is every day and we need to live it each day. 

 Even though the formal Easter season if seven weeks it lives in us each second we live. The Lord is alive and real to us. Please celebrate the Risen Lord each day of your life.