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From the desk of Fr. Speier 

Dear Parishioners:  

Parishioners: The main theme of last weekend’s gospel was to always be prepared. The Lord Jesus speaking to his Apostles and disciples wanted them to know without a doubt that we never know the time that the Lord is going to call us back to our eternal home. 

The under lying theme is that we must always be prepared. Every second of every day is truly a gift from God. Hopefully we never waste a second of that time. To ready ourselves for the moment the Lord calls us to Himself we have to be vigilant in prayer, the celebrations of the sacraments of the Church and allow our faith to be shown to others by the good deeds that we do. All of us are called to a true spirit of charity with our time, our talents and our treasures. 

All of us probably have a story or two of how the parables in this gospel play out in our lives and the lives of others. When I was pastor of St. John the Baptist in Point Place, I had one of those experiences. A young man was on his way home from a business meeting in Detroit. He called his wife and told her he would be home in about forty minutes. After that call he placed a call to a friend. While talking with that friend the semi-truck in front either lost a wheel spring or tossed one that was laying in the roadway. The spring came through his wind shield, driver side, and killed him instantly. This was a tremendous tragedy for his family to say the least. One wonders if he was prepared for that moment in time that his earthly life ended. We will never know, only God knows. The realization is that these types of circumstances do happen. We cannot fall into the thinking that it will never happen to us. We hope and pray that is the case but we can never be sure. In other words, we always have to be ready for that moment in time that the Lord calls us back to himself. 

Most of us like to have a plan for our days. Sometimes those plans don’t always go the way we want. I had one of those experiences just over a week ago. At 12:30 am on an early Friday morning, I needed to use the bathroom. As I tried to make my way out of bed, I experienced the worse pain on my right side that I had ever experienced. I could not find a body position to help relieve the pain. To make a long story short I ended up at St. Ann’s Emergency Room and they helped me get back to some sense of normal. I had scheduled a morning mass at St. Catherine of Siena and a funeral at St. Clement after. I was in no shape to do either. A communion service was held at St. Catherine that morning and Father Auth was able to take the funeral at St. Clement. This experience was not in my plan for that morning but we learn that God’s plan is not always our plan. Please be aware of every second we have and pray that we are ready when we meet God face to face.